May our practice and our lives be dedicated to the momentum of awakening for all, including ourselves.
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~Gifts to Open Dharma a nonprofit in the US
Donations to Open Dharma are
not for Jaya or other teachers.

To give by credit card online through Stripe:

Open Dharma can no longer accept donations through PayPal.

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Where do your donations go?

Gifts to Jaya 
I am grateful and honored to receive your gifts.
With this support, I can cover the expenses of living, from socks and carrots to car repair, birthdays and my kids' dentist, as well as taxes and long trips to visit family. I receive no salary or stipend for either teachings or the countless hours of organizational work between events. I live, and support my family, on gifts.

How wonderful and simple. I highly recommend experimenting with this way of living.

Thanks to generosity from friends and supporters around the world, I can devote myself wholly to serving the Dharma.

Mutually supporting each other through giving freely and wholeheartedly, the giving also radiates warmth and companionship in our lives.

If you break the cherry tree

where are the flowers?

But in the spring time, see how they bloom!


The vast flood

Rolls onward

But yield yourself.

And it floats you upon it.


~Ikkyu, transl. Blythe


There are several ways to donate to Jaya:

~Bank transfer within Europe
If you have a bank account within the EU (but not the UK), then a
bank transfer to Jaya's Spanish account is usually free of cost.
Email manager(AT) for Jaya's bank details.

~Bank transfer anywhere
If you don't have an EU bank account, Transferwise has low fees for sending money from one bank account to another. If you have a US account, you can send to Jaya's US account and avoid foreign exchange fees. If you have an account anywhere else, you can send to Jaya's Spanish account. For bank details, please email manager(AT)

~Online donations by credit card
via Stripe  or PayPal
Stripe is slightly cheaper than PayPal, but both are fine for personal donations to Jaya.

~ Check

Personal checks in US or Canadian dollars to “Julienne Ashmore”

Please include the word "gift" in the line for notes on your check to clarify the purpose of the check. Please email manager(AT) for the mailing address.



Willing to die,
You give up
your will. Keep still
until, moved
by what moves
all else,
you move.

~Wendell Berry (US, 1934-), New Collected Poems

Gifts to Open Dharma:

Open Dharma is a project of the US 501(c)3 nonprofit Earthville in the US, and donations to Open Dharma are tax-deductible for US taxpayers. Please let us know (and send us your physical address) if you need a receipt for tax purposes--email manager(AT)

Open Dharma provides the infrastructure to help us share support for meditation and awakening.
The Open Dharma bank account accepts retreat deposits and other donations towards ongoing and often invisible costs.
Donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers.

Some of the costs include:
Website maintenance and hosting the recordings; internet and phone for online teachings and planning; yearly accounting fees; insurance; office supplies; modest gifts and training for volunteers; library; resources for participants; and scholarships.

You can donate to Open Dharma via 

~Stripe (for online donations by credit card) 
Open Dharma no longer accepts donations via PayPal.


Or, please email
manager(AT) for bank details or address, if you want to give by:

~Bank transfer: Transferwise has a good reputation for low-cost bank transfers.

~Check--Personal checks in US dollars to “Open Dharma”