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Mexico post card july 2006

unripe lupines jewel birds attacked trees still grow barred cottages organic milk salad of diced cactus tomatoes are green jicamates are red

Sprigs of bouncy pine cross the path, comb my heavy hair. Todo tan humedo que solo la quinta cerilla se illumina. Flotando en las nubes, Cerro de las Estrellas, tallest volcano in North America. I looked straight out over the valley--not down into it--and he was at eye level. Se borra de nuevo el volcan.

black volcano's belly black lizard long legged cows call like an owl deep in the valley

black earth

terra cotta tiled rooftop succulents clinging scarlet fluted flowers

ancient green scarlet-mouthed hummingbird colibril Also, ancient--coppery green--volcano velvet apron.


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