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Thinking for Ourselves newsletter theme november 2011

~ Thinking for Ourselves.

What are my thoughts? How many of our opinions are genuinely our own?

A few sparks for the exploration:

~Discerning between cultural ideas and one's own sense based on experience or spontaneous wisdom--for example, food, table manners, schedule of the day, care of the body....

~Feeling when thoughts happen in our mind but in the voice of another person, such as a parent or teacher--can we find out what feels more true?

~Is any thought really true?

~Is "I" a thought?

~Where do thoughts come from?

~What makes a thought powerful to motivate us to do something?

~Is there more than one kind of thinking? At the same time?


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May our practice and our lives be dedicated to the momentum of awakening for all,

including ourselves.

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