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Happening newsletter theme march 2013

~ Happening

Some days, it happens--maybe at a change of season. We feel light.

There is a spacious sense of time because we are between things, between seasons.

We experience time bordering on timelessness, but we would not stop to think of it that way.

Life is happening by itself. Heart is beating, cells are breathing.

Another way of functioning, without worry. The mind even seems to open out in all directions and brighten. Thoughts are formed and completely gone, like sounds, in "one gesture" (in Wendell Berry's words)....falling in wide mind like snow.

Something more sweet and intelligent leads gently and definitely playfully. But again: we would not stop to describe it.

Isn't it so? It happens sometimes.

Is there anything missing? Can we not lead our lives through this lightness? Does worrying really add anything of benefit?

Can we let spacious intelligence come together for us in each moment?

What makes us forget this?

Can we let the season begin and keep our seat or feet in the center of wide mind?

Shall we let that keep happening in each season of our lives?

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