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16 Dec--2 meditation events online "Love:" a day of Dharma "Creativity:" 90 minu

A full day or an hour and a half of Dharma with Jaya Tuning into the rest from where creativity and love flow. 16 December Schedule below To sign up for one or both, please send an email with "Love" or "Creativity" in the subject line to 1) A day of Dharma with Jaya: "Love" 16 December on donation

Or just come for the 2) Live 90-minute meditation, talk and inquiry: "Creativity" 5:30-7 pm Spanish time on donation What is creative, what is creativity, and where do the paths of Dharma and creativity overlap?


The schedule for the Dharma day, in Spanish time:

7.30am-8.15am - Meditative movement

8.15am-9.15am - Meditation with instructions followed by 15 minutes for Questions 12pm-12.45pm - Meditation

3.45pm-4.30pm - Meditation

5.30pm-7pm - Dharma gathering

9pm-9.30pm - Closing meditation and circle

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