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New meditations, channel and ideas about deep rest

Updated: May 31, 2020

New Insight Timer meditations from two of my recent daily meditations...many thanks to Frances Hearndenji for getting these recordings ready for publishing! More recordings on the way, too.

Gratitude and Grounding

Out-breath, Center, Source Thanks to Kylie Bakker and Lisa Benson jis for making over my youtube channel...After I finally managed to get my 2 separate youtube personas into one, they made the lovely channel art. I think you will be able to see it here.

And...maybe you watched the video I recently shared of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen sharing her experience about "the slow wave." Other people talk about this wave as a brain wave but it she feels starting in her pericardium and sweeping from left to right, through her whole body...while the wave in her brain also sweeps from left to right. I also wonder if this is what happens in deep rest meditation...Even though the research calls it a brain wave that happens only in sleep, Bonnie is accessing it while awake--and it helps her sleep better. Here are a few articles and scientific papers on the "slow brain wave in sleep"--which, again, might just be a slow wave that can also happen outside the brain and outside sleep!| Please let me know if you get something out of these articles.

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