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About Jaya

About Jaya:

"She meets a vast range of people where they are with unconditional love and very precise teaching and guidance.

"Her reframing, rebirthing of teachings and texts, and her elucidating teaching from them, opens them up in a way that brings me delight, great relief and an enormous sense of possibility."  

~ Sophie, France

Weekly Meditations in July
Tuesdays 3-3:45 pm cet, Thursdays 8-8:45 pm cet


Jaya Ashmore

In her teachings, Jaya Ashmore integrates her own love of meditation—and of life—with deep experience in the traditions of Buddhism, Advaita (non-duality), yoga, Christianity, and Hindu mysticism, as well as ecology, embodied movement, and the Japanese art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Born in the U.S, where she studied religion and art at Harvard, Ashmore began practicing meditation in 1985 and was authorized to teach in 1998. A gentle revolutionary, she has taught meditation through deep rest on silent meditation retreats in 12 countries. 

She has spent most of her adult life in India with her teachers, and her nonprofit Open Dharma has supported awakening in thousands of people from any and no religion since 1999.

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Each talk just moves something, somewhere, sometimes like a huge boulder tumbling, sometimes a breath-like touch.


~Carolyn, UK


All of your sessions have a significant effect on me, but that one had the most profound effect. Incredibly, it revealed and unlocked the problem (which was related to the death of my father when I was 12). It also helped to reveal my potential.


~Andrew, Australia

Recorded talks and guided meditations

Comments from participants on retreat:


"To have genuine guidance and yet the full range of unguided vision to discover my own experience without right and wrong."

~ Jens, Sweden

"Every time I arrive to a retreat, it’s like coming back home again—this 'aaaaah, finally!' kind of feeling.

I remember once I was telling Jayaji my 'drama' of the moment ('ooooh, i’m soooo....'--fill in the blank with whatever sounds terrible and impossible to overcome), and she simply smiled at me with her loving eyes and answered, 'I don’t believe you.'  Well, I found I had a total lack of convincing arguments about what I was saying, so I stopped believing it myself!" 

~ Virginie, France

"I had one of those retreats that are life-changing, that will be remembered as a turning point, as a point of 'before' and 'after.' It was profoundly meaningful to me."

~ Sandya, Israel


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Weekly Meditations in July
Tuesdays 3-3:45 pm cet
Thursdays 8-8:45 pm cet

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Non-residential Deep Rest Meditation Retreat
Bellingham, WA, USA

August 16-19

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Day-Long Creativity and Jin Shin Jyutsu Retreat

 Bellingham, WA

August 20, 9am-4pm

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Non-residential Deep Rest Meditation Retreat in Durham, NC, USA

August 22-25 
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September 28th to October 4th 2024

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