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We usually think of teachings as a bunch of ideas that someone puts into words for us.

Actually, teachings happen in a specific context, with these people, in this room. And being part of live teachings is irreplaceable. But it often happens that someone else's question is my question--even someone else a long time ago--and someone else's response inspire me to respond.

Nowadays we have the luxury of tapping into countless articles and recordings—including a library of hundreds of recordings availabe here thanks to the work of volunteers and the generosity of teachers. The hard part can be intuiting which one talk or meditation or instruction to read, watch or listen to.

The teachings offered here—on a completely donation basis—are meant to spark your own wisdom, the emergence of your own original path and voice. Please take it in in this spirit—not as something to be obedient to, nor to rebel against. Just some words that have emerged in specific contexts, based on decades of experience, and based on what has come down from “spiritual ancestors”--both traditional and eccentric voices and lifetimes of great spirit.

So one day I did stop.

I began consciously to break the rules I learned in childhood:


I wasted more time, as a radical act.

I stared off into space more, into the middle distance, like a cat.


~Annie LaMott

How To Find Out Who You Really Are

The Arrival


Like a tide it comes in,

wave after wave of foliage and fruit,

the nurtured and the wild,

out of the light to this shore.

In its extravagance we shape

the strenuous outline of enough.

~Wendell Berry (US),

from New Collected Poems

May you feel aliveness in your heart and depths and be encouraged to let it enliven everything in your precious lifetime.

Without a platform or venue of some kind, there is no way to offer teachings—no way to meet each other without a place to meet.

Every time a retreat happens, I am astounded by how much work goes into it. Volunteers of many ages and nations have found that their path deepened into being part of creating retreats—the serving of others' deepening enriched their silent and solitary path. This incredibly generous and demanding teamwork then becomes part of the teaching as well.

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