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Looking at images can help us "get" things intuitively, even when we would have a hard time talking and thinking about them.

Jin Shin Jyutsu positions

that can help mind and body drop into a "wider harmony" in meditation while walking, standing, sitting or lying well as in all of life while talking, riding, and so on.

Paintings and photos

that I have made in recent years, partly in response to the "casual Dharma art" of everyday life and with a wish of offering another opening into what is real and precious in life.

ocean of kindness.jpg
Jin Shin Jyutsu postures for meditation
Jaya art paintings drawings photos
reclining and sitting meditaton postures

Dharma and information can both come across intact in a holistic, visual moment.
Color and form can re-route our receptivity around the head and the ideological tangles we get into.

I am sharing some of my own artwork here as another language for wholeness, for what is precious in life.

We have a need and longing to be moved in our entirety.
By the way, you can find more of my artwork on

Through pictures, you may also find an easier to approach to posture.

The whereabouts of the body are a foundation for the state of breath, mind and transformation--from basic meditation reclining and sitting postures that work for a lot of people, to specific positions from the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Once at the end of a long retreat, a participant said she wished someone had told her how much help she could have by just holding a finger during meditation. So here I share some of the most commonly helpful Jin Shin Jyutsu positions.

For more about this art, please visit the official school site.

postures for reclining meditation in photos
sitting meditation postures photo
Examples of sitting meditation postures
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