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Joy and Meditation in daily living

A 3-month online retreat

March 1st - June 1st, 2021

You don't have to quit your job to join this retreat.

Together, in a like-minded community of people across many time zones, we will integrate deep practice with everyday life.

Several times a day, there will be a virtual meditation hall where participants can meditate together.

We will bring joy in through simple practices in meditation and in daily life, and through reading several texts on joy and bliss, primarily from Indian spiritual traditions.

There is an online space to share, at least once a week—what is supporting, confusing, challenging, blooming, evolving, or otherwise getting your attention.

Participants can also join optional weekly one-to-one listening sessions with other participants, using simple inquiry questions, such as “What is joy?” or other listening frameworks.

Jaya will offer introductory sessions where we will gather and share both our growing edges and our obstacles to living and practicing joy and meditation in daily life. We will play with simple tools to flow past these obstacles to allow a good momentum towards awakening.

Each week, Jaya will offer:
~ a Dharma talk, with some time for questions and dialog.
~ a theme that may range from “preparing food” to “different forms of desire.”
There will often be and inner and outer resonance, with subjects like nourishment and cleaning.
~ a poem or two...or three.

What we ask of you:
~ Commitment to your own daily practices, and regular refining and defining what practices and practice pattern are supportive for you.
~ Attending the opening and weekly live sessions. If you cannot attend, but would still like to try to participate in this retreat, please contact us. shahar(at)
~ Posting once a week in the community about how your experiments and practices are unfolding—from surprises to frustrations to insights.

For more info and registration please write to Shahar: shahar(at)

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