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Deepening into silence and stillness

As silence & stillness begin to fill the hall and the atmosphere in general, it is up to every one of us to take care of them.


More often we may fall “accidentally” into a deep, enjoyable stilllness where we  would not want to move a little finger. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras says this delicious stillness is a way into deep meditation and deep, transformative ease on the planet. Even a single sound, word or look can make unnecessary waves.
Not interacting helps each of us enjoy and be interested in our own “space” --to let joy sink into our bones, and to let fresh, restful energy pull us inward more towards “home.”


Also, as we enter and leave the hall, we can bring tenderness to how we move and what we touch – let the feet love the ground, let the cushions and waterbottles and zippers join the quiet!

At the same time, when we try too hard to be quiet, we tend to get uptight and make more noise accidentally. We are not practicing tightness—just awareness.


Let the words and opinions fall away...

It’s as if the silkiness of quiet comes with us when we move and touch, arrive and leave, and with whatever sounds and silence happen.

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