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Jin Shin Jyutsu overview

The art of being human in a heartful and grounded way.

Improvising human openness in flow.

“Through Jin Shin Jyutsu our awareness is awakened to the simple fact that we are endowed with the ability to harmonize and balance ourselves (in rhythm with the universe) physically, mentally and spiritually.” From


Jin means human; Shin means god, heart or spirit; and Jyutsu means tricks, games, art or, as I like to say, improvisation.
This healing art from Japan is not just a technique. The hands and deep heart know or remember how to discover harmony, and help align the whole human on all levels.
By allowing the hands to find their place on the body, a wider harmony that can embrace all our experience comes available.

Many people have been amazed at how much quietness and clarity comes from just holding one of their fingers while they meditate.


Mary Burmeister, a student of Jiro Murai, brought the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu from Japan to America in the 1950's, and courses are now held around the world.  Until her death in January of 2008, Mary offered rich teachings often in short, potent sentences:
“What you think of me is none of my business.”
“Exhale and be the smile.”
“Energy is enthusiasm in motion.”

With connections to the whole family of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, Jin Shin is accessible and safe for anyone to practice.

For information about official Jin Shin Jyutsu courses:


+1(480) 998-9331 phone
+1 (480) 998-9335 fax


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