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The elixir of yes

We gave more time for applications--til 15 May--for this 2-year Dharma program, a Dharma "ark," during these times of chaos, transition, and fallout.

"A dialogue doesn't mean just between two people; but rather, the root meaning of 'dia' in Greek means 'through.' And the general picture it suggests is a stream running between two banks. It's the stream that counts. The two banks merely give form to the stream...a stream of thought or perception, some sort of energy flowing between us, unfolding..." ~ David Bohm

These next 2 years could be years of utmost uncertainty. How could anyone commit to anything? That very quality of diving in anyway, despite and amidst uncertainty, is a treasure, an elixir

by Jaya (c) J Ashmore 2011

. Dialogue, embodiment, and of course, deep rest meditation will be our food. We will challenge ourselves to initiate and sustain deep meditation and learning from curiosity and courage, rather than from a sense of worry, problems, and lack.

The poem that partly inspires the title of the program:

All night I could not sleep Because of the moonlight on my bed. I kept on hearing a voice calling: Out of nowhere, nothing answered, "Yes."

Attributed to Zi Ye (6th-3rd c BCE), Transl. Arthur Waley

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