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We have just begun

Secure yourself to heaven

Drawing of Gertrude dancing (c) Jaya Julienne Ashmore, 2019

Secure yourself to heaven Hold on tight

The night has come

Fasten up your earthly burdens

We have just begun

Falling softly as the rain, no footsteps ringing in your ear Ragged down worn to the skin, warrior raging have no fear

No feet to fall You need no ground

Allowed to glide right through the sun Released from circles guarded tight, Now we all are chosen ones

~Amy Ray and Emily Saliers (= The Indigo Girls) in their talismanic song "Secure Yourself" " Three of their 16 albums have gone gold, four have gone platinum, and they’ve been nominated for seven Grammys." Their conversation with Krista Tippett from 2013:

Emily Saliers: "Music is physical. It’s got your heartbeat; it’s got rhythms; it’s got space. It’s a physiological reality along with a mystical reality. So it’s metaphysical." Amy Ray: "...they’re not God, but God’s there. ...There’s just these moments, and it’s not the personality of the musicians anymore. Something’s disappeared and the music and the audience and everything has merged, and there’s no separation between performer and audience."

A live performance of "Secure Yourself" (with hairdos of the day--but more relevant than ever):

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