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Resting into the body-foundation II

Just rest for a while.
Is it possible to rest, just now, for a while?

What happens when we allow rest to come over us?
Is there a relaxing down, and back?  Or coming into the center or front of the body?  What happens for you?

Just rest for a while and enjoy being alive, if possible.  What is it to be alive?
Not the thinking about life, but just the being.   Let the thinking come out of the center and to the sides or away.  How do I know I am alive without thinking about it?

Just to rest for a while and to feel aliveness.

Let your interest go to the contact with the ground, and allow the contact to be friendly.  Let what is heavy fall to the ground—physical weight, mental, emotional heaviness can just drop. Enjoy the support for a while, Sometimes we may feel a sweetness where we touch the ground, and we can welcome that sweetness like a liquid to pour throughout the body.  We could even let it expand beyond the body into the room.

Now feel the back of the body, and let it fill with life—let it spread long and wide.  Just resting in or as the back of the body for a while.
Then we can move our focus to the front of the body—let the back stay full and alive and wide and long, but now enter the front of the body with consciousness.  Let the front of the body release its defenses and soften.  Let the front of the body drop pretense and presentation and armor, and be soft.  The back can stay alive and full, while the front drops into a new place.

Then what about the middle of the body, between the front and the back?  Can we slide our interest in and rest there for a while?  Just in the interest of experiment and discovery.  What happens here?

Where do we feel more at home or deep?

Finally, drop into the lower body—the lower belly and pelvic bowl.  Just resting here and letting thoughts go on way up in the head, but feeling the warmth and aliveness and perhaps movements here in the lower body.

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