Simply walking

Simplicity ~ just a human being

walking on the earth

slowly, quickly, or

as you wish


      Attention ~ as fluid as the movements

  • not anticipating, expecting, or fixating, holding onto sensations

  • not fighting against thoughts, images, feelings

  • curious about what is called “walking” ~ all the many muscles, movements, textures…


Rhythm ~ one step at a time,

as if you have all the time

in the world

as if being moved by the earth


Centred ~ delicately connected to

feet, legs, belly, or whole body

while also open, spacious,

allowing sounds, sights, mind

to happen in and around


Transparent ~ nature happening

“inside” as well as “outside”

May our practice and our lives be dedicated to the momentum of awakening for all,

including ourselves.

 Images and text not attibuted to others are  (c)Jaya Julienne Ashmore, 2017

Designed by Sahar Rokah