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After so many online retreats in recent months, some people are feeling tired of screens, schedules and words.
Let's try this radical experiment: completely unscheduling four days of our lives.


Simply leaving room for meditation to happen, in its own timing, in its own way, and in our own lives. Will it be a relief and empowerment to come out of “alarm culture” and go “off schedule”--kind of like going “off road” or “off the grid?”
Will we feel part of a field of meditators? Maybe.
Will we trust ourselves to listen deeply to life, and will we feel trustworthy?
Will doing this “together” help us each to settle into our own unique flow?
We can experiment and find out.

Jaya will be available for “spontaneous one-to-one” conversation during certain times of day, but other than that we will need no clocks, no alarms, no bells. Just sincerity, curiosity, and willingness to follow our own rhythms, our own “inner instructions,” our own love of meditation.

By joining this 4-day experiment, you can have permission to be part of the 1-day retreat on Sunday, June 28th—and to join anything you feel like of that day's schedule.

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