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Walking meditation instructions in depth

Simplicity ~ just a human being walking on the earth



Let wide mind receive the flow of sensations from your feet, or belly, or whole body.

Step into now, leaving behind the past. 


Funny how challenging it can be just to walk, without adding anything.

If you walk in a circle or back and forth about 15-30 meters, you won’t need to think about where to go. And every once in a while it is a good experiment to wander.

Feel free to walk slowly or quickly.  Retreat is a good time to play with slow walking sometimes.


If you like you can play with walking as if you have all the time in the world, as if being moved by the earth, and as if you were a child or a wild animal.


When you feel tense or disconnected, you can change our speed, breathe out deeply, or pause and look at something natural like a leaf or the sky or our hand.  Or close your eyes for a moment. And then just walk.  It does not need to be perfect. 


No need to “watch” yourself walk—dive more inside the body and the movement.


Let there be room for thoughts and feelings, but also room for the beauty of movement, and room for just sensation, for walking happening as if by itself. 
Learn the difference between sensation and mind, like when the mind anticipates the next step, or fixates on an image or memory of walking.

Maybe there is room for feeling grateful towards our feet or the ground.

And we can have room to be curious about what we call “walking” ~ all the many connections, movements, textures ~ and curious about how “walking” is ungraspable.

With eyes open, we can leave room for the world and be transparent, with life happening inside and outside.

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