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Expand, enrich, transform, lighten up, ground, or start your meditation practice--
Every day, for 1 month.

Meditation months ~ online courses of one month

1 or 2 times a week join live online meditations and inquiry, from home, with an international community and direct guidance from Jaya.

Teachings are not generic or pre-recorded, but grounded in 30 years of meditation experience, diverse traditions, and skillful attunement with the group.
You are also encouraged to dive into your own rhythm of daily meditation -- 20-60 minutes 1-2 times/day -- or more if you like. And perhaps you would like to include other supports and freedoms, such as devoting an hour or a day to silence--whether full silence or "device silence."

Beginners and experienced meditators welcome.
​Scholarships are available.

The month may help you to:

~establish a rhythm (whether you are new or experienced)
~have courage and ease to go more in depth

~work more closely with an experienced teacher on a sustained basis (longer than a 2-, 7-, or 10-day retreat)
~participate in a meditation community where you can share questions, meditation times, and simple human company
~ground your participation in the other online course with steady meditation

Time commitment: 1 hour/week plus your own practice.
You are also welcome to join for 2 hours/week.
Recordings will be available if you miss the live session or just want to enjoy it again.


Why do it together?

Our focus is on maturing individual practice--and learning to show up more honestly, fully, and effectively for our own practice. But meditation is never just about an individual... read more

The teachings and additional supprt

Jaya will offer live guided meditations 2 times per week--with time for questions and responses before or after.
A recording of the instructions and dialog will also be available after the live session. You can also type and send questions to Jaya, as well as share anytime with the community via the online platform... 
read more


The timing - lengths, time zones read more

The cost - is in a sliding scale for you to choose

Teaching is offered on Dana  read here

How to apply

Please apply at least 5 days before the meditation month begins.
If you are accepted, we will let you know how to send your payment.
Once your payment is received, we will send you the access information and codes for the online platforms.

You are very welcome to register early so that you have more time to complete the process.


For any questions, please write to: shachar(at)

Why do it together?

There is a natural unfolding of the spirit --both intimate and common.
What fulfills a human being is both fresh and ancient, shared and unique.
Sometimes someone else asks a question you needed to hear. Or it is energizing just to know others are also meditating at the same time--or facing a challenge or birthing an insight.
Sometimes we just forget; sometimes we lose courage; sometimes we think we're supposed to know how already...
How to what?... how to let meditation be a living presence at the center of our lives.

Something happens when we human beings get together--we can feel it, and we need it. 


Optional additional support:

~ shared meditation times— you can also share the times you meditate with the group in case anyone wants to “join” you.
~ one-to-one meetings with Jaya over Skype.
~ incorporating the Japanese art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.


The timing

We hope that everyone can attend live at least once per week.
Meetings last one hour, with about 45 minutes for meditation and about 15 minutes for questions and dialog.
If you miss a live session, or if you just want to listen again, the recordings will be available.
Times are given in Spain (central Europe) time.



The cost

Joining live meditations at scheduled times, access the recordings, and participate in the online forum ($25-$50 sliding scale)

Receiving recordings after the scheduled times and participate in the online forum ($25-$50 sliding scale)

Joining the meditations or listen to the recordings but do not participate in the online forum--links and recordings sent directly to your email address ($50-$75 sliding scale)

Only access the recordings of the sessions by email ($50-$75 sliding scale)

Donations towards teachings

are separate. As usual, Jaya is offering the teachings on a completely donation basis. She doesn't receive any money from the course fee. The gifts you and others freely offer help Jaya cover the costs of daily living so that she can devote time to teaching. Not a nun but a mother of two children with the usual costs of home, car, health, education, fun, family and friends across the planet, she is very grateful for the generous support that allows us to meet and explore freely, without trying to put a price tag on the invaluable teachings of awakening.

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