May our practice and our lives be dedicated to the momentum of awakening for all, including ourselves.
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Online Meditation Courses

"I like that it continually forces me out of my comfort zone."
~ Melissa

"The gift of feeling so seen..."

"It feels like we're changing on a molecular level."

more participant comments below

Sustained participation in Jaya's teachings and in a worldwide meditation community of people on diverse paths--to enliven your own unique unfolding.

~Monthly Dharma Gatherings for an hour and a half.
~Meditating together for a month, with 2 live meditations per week, and recordings available.
~A set of recordings for a 4-day self-retreat anytime.
Already started:

~2-year online Dharma program, May, 2019-May, 2021

Upcoming online offerings:

Online weekend retreat Friday-Sunday, March 27-29 

3 days of deep rest retreat.

Offered completely on Dana

registeration form here

for details email: shahar(at)

Letting it all go - Streaming Dharma Gathering
90 minutes of Dharma. Every month.

Half an hour each of meditation through deep rest, Dharma talk, and inquiry.
Recording also available for the month following.

Together towards awakening.

Next Gathering:
March 19, 15:00- 16:30 pm Spain time
Live, on donation--about half an hour each of meditation, teachings and dialog.
Recording available after broadcast by request, until the next Dharma Gathering.
email: shahar(at)


~Meditating together - A month of meditation.

next course:

'Wilding and unwinding'

15 March - 15 April, 2020 
Join live or listen to recordings.
Enrich, lighten up, ground, start or just enjoy your meditation practice.​
Live meditations 2 times a week for several weeks to a month.
Enjoy one or all of the live sessions and recordings--whatever fits your lifestyle.
If you already know you would like to join,

press here for Application form

Meditations schedule for next course: - All in Spain time zone


Monday 16th at 3.30pm

Thursday 19th at 9.30am

Monday 23rd at 9.30am 

Wednesday 25th at2.30pm

Sunday 29th at 4pm


Wednesday 1st at 3.30pm

Sunday 5th at 4.30pm

Thursday 9th at 9.30am (BMC embodied movement with Shahar Yarkoni - Extra session)

Tuesday 14th at 3pm

~Self-retreat of 4 days
with recordings from a group retreat, to listen along in your own time.

On past courses, people have loved:
~ the unexpected immediacy and live presence;
~ the regular and profound contact with Jaya, and
~ with the international community; as well as
~ the long-term centering of daily life around what is most important.

More participant comments below.


Meditating together ~ a month of meditation with Jaya

Support your own rhythm of daily meditation with an international community and direct guidance from Jaya.
There will be about 15 minutes for questions and dialog before or after each 45-minute meditation.
Beginners and experienced meditators welcome.
Scholarships are available, and we depend upon your donations towards scholarships.

You can participate with or without joining the online forum, where participants are in touch with each other and Jaya between meditation sessions.
If you prefer not to join the online forum, you can opt to receive the links to live sessions and/or the fresh recordings by email.
See more details below.


If you already know you would like to join...please read about the new ways of participating, such as receiving links directly by email, and then fill out an application form.

Here is the application form.


Why do it together?
Cost and levels of participation
How to apply


Jaya will offer live guided meditations 2 times per week for about 45 minutes each, with 15 minutes for questions and responses before or after.
Teachings are not generic or pre-recorded, but skillfully attuned to the group and grounded in more than 30 years of meditation experience in diverse traditions and 20 years of teaching experience around the world.

A recording of the instructions and dialogue will be available after the live session. You can also type and send questions to Jaya, as well as share anytime with the community via the online platform.


Optional additional support:
~ shared meditation times— you can also share the times you meditate with the group in case anyone wants to “join” you.
~ one-to-one meetings with Jaya over Skype.
~ incorporating the Japanese art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Why do it together?
Our focus is on the flourishing of each person's unique path--and learning to show up more honestly, fully, and effectively in our own individual lives and practices. But meditation is never just about an individual.

The natural unfolding of the human spirit is both unique and common, intimate and shared.
Sometimes someone else asks a question you need to hear. Or it is energizing just to know others are also meditating at the same time--or facing a challenge or birthing an insight.

Something happens when we human beings gather together--we can feel it, and we need it.
We don't walk our paths alone, and we don't walk our paths only for ourselves.


Scheduled Meditation Dates and Times
To be announced.
Times are given in the time zone of Catalonia, Spain—subtract 1 hour for the UK, subtract 6 hours for EST and 9 hours for Pacific time in North America. Add 4 and a 1/2 hours for India, etcetera.
If you miss a time, then you can always listen to the recording.

You can check for your time zone on this website :


Costs and different levels of participation

To apply for the course, please fill out the application form. If you are accepted to the course, then there is sliding scale payment towards organizational costs. The amount depends on how you join. You will choose your level of participation on your application form. Read below for more information about different ways to participate.
The cost is less if you join the online forum where you receive the links to meetings and recordings, and then get yourself to both.If you prefer to receive the links to meetings and recordings by email, then the organizational cost is a bit higher.
You can give the organizational contribution to Open Dharma by PayPal (with a credit card or PayPal account). 

Donations for teachings are separate.
Donations to Jaya can come in any currency by PayPal; by bank transfer in Europe; or by personal check in US and Canadian dollars.

As usual, Jaya is offering the teachings on a donation basis and doesn't receive any money from the course fee. Gifts like yours help Jaya cover the costs of living so that she can devote time to teaching.
As a mother of two children--not a nun--she pays rent and taxes, has family across continents, and keeps up with daily expenses around car, health, education, and fun.
Jaya is grateful for the generous and warm support that allows us to meet and explore freely, without trying to put a price tag on the invaluable teachings of awakening.



4 levels of participation
To participate more fully in the course, with access to the online forum, the contribution towards organizational costs is
$25-50 (or 21-42 Euros) per month. It costs the same even if you cannot join live and you only listen to the recordings.

Option 1)
Join live meditations at scheduled times,
access the recordings, and
participate in the online forum.


Option 2)
Listen to the recordings after the scheduled times
and participate in the online forum.

To participate without the online forum, and receive links directly by email, the contribution towards organizational costs is $50-75 (or 42-63 Euros) per month. It costs the same whether you join live or only listen to recordings later.
Option 3)
Join the meditations or listen to the recordings
but do not participate in the online forum--
links and recordings sent directly to your email address.

Option 4)
Through links sent to your email, access the recordings of the sessions only.


How to apply
~ Please apply at least 2 days before the meditation month begins.
~ If you are accepted, we will let you know how to send your payment of $25-$50 (21-42 Euros) or $50-$75 (42-63 Euros).
~ Once your payment is received, we will send you information about joining live meetings, and the access information and codes for the online platform if you are joining the online forum.

Here is the application form.

For any questions, please write to: shahar(AT)

We look forward to meditating together and hope that the month may help you to:

· establish a rhythm of daily meditation –how about 20-60 minutes 1-2 times/day? Or more if you like.

· discover courage and ease for more depth.

· work more closely with an experienced teacher on a sustained basis.

· participate in a meditation community where you can share questions, meditation times, and simple human company.


Please note:
~You will obviously need to have a good internet connection to participate.
~We reserve the right to dismiss anyone from the group course at any time. If less than half the month has passed, we would refund the course fee.

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Self-retreat with recordings

Just fill out this application form, and receive 13 recordings for your own self retreat of 3-4 days.
With opening and closing talk book-ending guided meditations and Dharma talks as well as a meditative movement session and dialogs.
Offered on a completely donation basis for organization and teachings.
The recordings were chosen from live retreats in South India in 2017 with permission.

After you apply, we will send you information, suggestions, and access to the recordings, as well as a link to a feedback form--we appreciate your generosity in letting us know how your self-retreat went. Your experience can inspire and refine what is offered--part of a dialog that makes teachings possible.

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More comments about Jaya's live, online meditation courses:

"The way the course seems to weave into my life in an invisible way, so I can feel the same feeling as being on retreat sometimes."

" need for a time limit to answer anything, and no limit to how deep it could go."

~" practice regularly in a way that truly supports my life. Without dogma and always coming back to the body and the inner truth it can share."


"The gift of feeling so seen, not having to be good, like to get a diploma for a course, is also making me ease more into activities I do, more of that just being in it, in the learning process."

"Listening to the many voices of the participants and my own and how much I appreciate all the different voices.
The course is Essential to my life by keeping me 'on the path' to keep me active in my discoveries and enquiries and knowing that I am not alone on the path."

~ Julia

~I loved that the teachings and meditations were so interactive.

"I like that it continually forces me out of my comfort zone.
And the constant-ness of the course has meant that this growth internally has stayed present to my awareness."

                                                                                                                                                              back to top