Sustained participation in Jaya's teachings and in a worldwide meditation community

of people on diverse paths -- to enliven your own unique unfolding

Upcoming Online Meditation Courses 

All in Spain time zone (CET)

 Dharmacosm on


A new online space for our Dharma community through

A hub where we can all stay in touch more easily and receive updates about upcoming events led by Jaya and within the community.


Deep rest meditation retreat

October 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 ~ join any day

Oct 3 and 4 are retreat days with a fairly full schedule,

in honor of the holiday of Sukkoth where Jewish people build a temporary shelter outside their homes.

Oct 5, 6 and 7 are in the “Unscheduled Retreat” style with 2 daily short meditations and question-and-answer sessions with Jaya.


 Deep rest meditation 

 2 weeks of daily 30 minutes meditation
 October 12-16 and 19-23, 3.30pm-4pm 


Monthly Dharma Gathering - Together towards awakening


September 22nd, 9:30-11:00 am


Half an hour each of meditation through deep rest, Dharma talk, and inquiry.
Beginners and experienced meditators are welcome!


Offered on Dana


*Registration deadline: September 20th.



Meditating together - A month of meditation

'Breath and deepening into aliveness'

September 14- October 8


Enjoy one or all of the live sessions and recordings--

whatever fits your lifestyle.


Meditations schedule : all Spain time (cet)


Monday 14th at 3pm 

Thursday 17th at 9.30am

Monday 21 at 3pm

Friday 25 at 10.30am

Monday 28 at 3pm


Thursday 1 at 9.30am

Monday 5 at 3pm

Thursday 8 at 9.30am


 *Registration deadline: September 13th.

One-day retreat with fairly full schedule

October 24

Deep rest meditation retreat

November 6-10

hosted by friends in Finland!

Thanks so much to the team there for inviting me and converting this in-person retreat to an online retreat open to all!

Deep rest meditation retreat

December 5-8

Details of all courses will be posted soon


 Self-retreat of 4 days 

 A set of recordings from a group retreat, to listen along in your own time.

 More information about recordings for self retreat here

 Apply to receive recordings for your own self retreat 

On past courses, people have loved:
~ the unexpected immediacy and live presence;
~ the regular and profound contact with Jaya, and
with the international community; as well as
~ the long-term centering of daily life around what is most important.

"The way the course seems to weave into my life in an invisible way, so I can feel the same feeling as being on retreat sometimes."


" need for a time limit to answer anything, and no limit to how deep it could go."

~" practice regularly in a way that truly supports my life. Without dogma and always coming back to the body and the inner truth it can share."

"The gift of feeling so seen, not having to be good, like to get a diploma for a course, is also making me ease more into activities I do, more of that just being in it, in the learning process."

"Listening to the many voices of the participants and my own and how much I appreciate all the different voices.
The course is Essential to my life by keeping me 'on the path' to keep me active in my discoveries and enquiries and knowing that I am not alone on the path."

~ Julia

"I loved that the teachings and meditations were so interactive".

"I like that it continually forces me out of my comfort zone.
And the constant-ness of the course has meant that this growth internally has stayed present to my awareness."

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May our practice and our lives be dedicated to the momentum of awakening for all,

including ourselves.

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