Sustained participation in Jaya's teachings and in a worldwide meditation community

of people on diverse paths -- to enliven your own unique unfolding

Upcoming Meditation Courses 

All in Spain time zone (CET)



November Deep Rest Meditation

Tuesdays and Thursdays 
9:30-10 am

Mondays and Wednesdays  3-3:30 pm Meditation 
3:30-4 pm  time for questions

30 minutes meditation and 30 minutes Questions and Answers.

You are welcome to jump in for any LIVE session you would like. (Recordings of this events will not be available).

No registration fee.

Teachings are on donation.

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Unscheduled Retreat - The real unwinding

December  5-8
Join the weekend or full retreat 

Wherever you are

Two times a day, on 

8-9 pm and 2-3 am CET

Jaya will offer a half-hour meditation and an hour for questions and inquiry.
The rest of the “schedule” is for you to craft. 

Jaya invites you into the radical step of “unscheduling”-

planning one or more days with (almost) nothing on your schedule.
Being unoccupied, so that you can feel, hear and follow your deepest heart.

Meditate in your own way and time,

and stay tuned to what is most important as you weave in essentials

such as making and eating food, creativity, walks...

Jaya's sessions will be in the morning and evening (in Spanish time)

For questions: shahar(at)

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Monthly Online Dharma Gathering - Together towards awakening

November 21st, 7:30pm-9:00pm

December 19,  7.30pm-9pm 

Guided meditation, Dharma talk, and Inquiry, ~30 minutes each

*recording of the gathering will be  available to  members of our Patreon community


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Unscheduled retreat

December 19-20


Meditating together - A month of meditation

details will be posted soon for the coming meditation month

Enjoy one or all of the live sessions and recordings--

whatever fits your lifestyle.

More about Meditation Months


Online Events to be Joined any time

Dharmacosm on

A new online space for our Dharma community through

A hub where we can all stay in touch more easily and receive updates about upcoming events led by Jaya and within the community.

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 Self-retreat of 4 days 

 A set of recordings from a group retreat, to listen along in your own time.

 Apply to receive recordings for your own self retreat 


More  about recordings for self retreat 

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May our practice and our lives be dedicated to the momentum of awakening for all,

including ourselves.

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