Sustained participation in Jaya's teachings and in a worldwide meditation community

of people on diverse paths -- to enliven your own unique unfolding

Upcoming Meditation Courses 

All in Spain time zone (CET)


Open Deep Rest Meditations

Mondays and Wednesdays  3:00-4:00 pm

 30 mins meditation and 30 mins questions and answers.

On Fridays 3:00pm - a 30 minutes meditation guided by people from the Sanga.

30 minutes meditation and 30 minutes Questions and Answers.

You are welcome to jump in for any LIVE session you would like. 

Recordings of this events will be available in

Teachings are on donation

Donations to Jaya can be done here

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Monthly Online Dharma Gathering - Together towards awakening

January 22nd, 7:00-8:30pm

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Patreon Embodied Movement Lab

January 27th, 3:00-4:00pm

Join the “Creativity & Embodiment Lab” or “Connection and Lab”



New-Year Refresh Meditation Retreat

Get your heart and meditation momentum going
January 2nd-8th 2022
to support a self-retreat or help integrate meditation into daily life

A retreat-like event…

Join the whole retreat, Or Commit to 1-2 hours of the schedule for the whole week.
For example:
Join the meditation every day at 3-4 pm CET, or join from 7-9 pm for meditation and Dharma talk.
Or come to everything 3-9 pm CET.

My main wish is to support you in getting momentum in your own practice.

I will meet those who join for the whole retreat for more in-depth questions and sharing.

As usual, I offer my teachings on donation, and your gifts helps me pay the rent and buy food. The tradition and culture of dana or generosity is a wonderful way to live…and an incalculably empowering context for teachings and practices that awaken the immeasurable heart to what is.

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3 Month Online Program - Grow Your Flow!

January 9th - April 8th 2022

 Weekly meetings with Jaya,  including Dharma talks, Meditations, Inquiry and Creativity


I will offer one-hour sessions each week — combining half-hour Dharma talks or meditations with inquiry/satsang, creativity and sharing.

Session timing will rotate between Sunday evenings and Tuesdays 3-4 pm (both CET).

Optional weekly inquiry practice in pairs with suggested questions of the week.

You can commit to yourself and the group if there are other practices you’d like to nurture.
We will have a private Schoology page for sharing. Participants are welcome to meditate together more regularly, too.


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Online Events to be Joined any time

Dharmacosm on

A new online space for our Dharma community through

A hub where we can all stay in touch more easily and receive updates about upcoming events led by Jaya and within the community.

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 Self-retreat of 4 days 

 A set of recordings from a group retreat, to listen along in your own time.

 Apply to receive recordings for your own self retreat 


More  about recordings for self retreat 

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