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Sustained participation in Jaya's teachings and in a worldwide meditation community

of people on diverse paths -- to enliven your own unique unfolding

Upcoming Meditation Retreats and Events
(times given in CET time zone, UT + 1)


Scholarships are available for all online events, and most in-person events



Weekly meditations February - April

Tuesday and Thursday 

 Thursdays, February 8th - March 7th at 2pm-3pm cet

 Tuesdays, February 13th - March 5th at 1.30pm-2.15pm cet

Ongoing now through March 7 - register here


March 12-April 30 Same days and times  - register here

Tuesdays 1:30-2:00pm cet

meditation, followed by 15 mins for questions

(That's 7:30-8 am ET)

Thursdays 2:00-2:30pm cet

meditation, followed by 30 mins for questions

(That's 8-8:30 am ET)


Once you register and send the sliding-scale organizational payment to Open Dharma, Shachar will send you the zoom link--and you can opt in to receive the meditation recordings via Whatsapp or Signal for those who would like.


You are welcome to register and join weekly only on Thursdays, only on Tuesdays, or on both days. 

Registration fee to Open Dharma towards organizational work:  $5-$100 Sliding scale

Jaya's teachings are on donation.


Saturday half-day retreats

February 24 , March 2 

new schedule experiment  16:00-20:00 cet

(I previously did 15:00-21:00 with a 90-minute break).

March 2 we will also have a morning session, 8:30-10:30am cet.

Come to all that fits your time zone.


Two different 4-day series

both February 26-29

"A poem and a meditation"

17:15-18:00 cet

"Deep listening practice and meditation"

19:00-20:15 cet

Come early and stay the whole session, but you don't have to come to all the sessions.

register here


Deep Rest Meditation Retreat in person

Les Gavatxes in Catalunya

June 22-29, 2024
more details to come


Deep Rest Meditation Retreat in person at Ekuthuleni in France

September 28th to October 4th 2024

more details to come


daily med
saturday half
4 days ser

Online Events to be Joined any time


Dharmacosm on

A new online space for our Dharma community through

A hub where we can all stay in touch more easily and receive updates about upcoming events led by Jaya and within the community.



 Self-retreat of 4 days 

 A set of recordings from a group retreat, to listen along in your own time.

 Apply to receive recordings for your own self retreat 


more details


self retreat
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