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a letter from jaya newsletter august 2010

Revolution kept coming to mind and heart at The Stone House retreat in North Carolina in July. On the opening night, the I Ching (Book of Changes) reminded us that revolution happens all the time-- in seasons, day and night, the clouds-- and yet for us to catch the flow of our part in the revolutions, we need to keep 4 things in mind: 1) Patience, or neither hesitation nor hurry. 2) Finding a way to transformation that increases joy. 3) Not adding personal agendas to what needs to be done, or left undone. 4) Answering a real need, towards a clear goal, and based on what is possible from within the circumstances at this time. Getting into The Stone House pond gave some of us on this retreat a way to connect with fluid strength and childlike grace. Each day I swam, I met a different face of life: One day it was the wings of wasps, a stiff black "v"until it met its reflection in the water: "x." One day my arms scooping up the cool water from below, as if an underwater being swam with me. thin gold threads of dragonflies sipping swallows not just skimming the surface for a drink, but chopping into it to eat seeds, sailing -- look just like the gnats trapped bubbles coming up as if out of nowhere. the meditation hall, the pond with its roof of clouds and sky and sun a gracious unfolding of life, aliveness, revolution.

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