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October Outbreath newsletter theme october 2011

-October Outbreath.

Change is in the air, and it can be freeing.

Some suggestions below; please feel free to add yours.

Just an out-breath (or two) in the middle of any activity -- feel what is, or tune into your deepest wish in life. Can make a change.

One minute (60 seconds!) of tuning into the out-breath several times a day can help us get out of habit-energies and feel more light and alive.

With each out-breath, letting go intentionally of weightiness, ideas of what you are and what others are and what life is. What is left?

The "Jin Shin Jyutsu breath" starts with an out-breath --letting go and making space for something fresh--where we also feel or imagine energy traveling down the front of the body.

Then the in-breath comes with fresh energy up the back of the body. 9 times or 36 times, or...

The out-breath as an offering to a specific plant or tree. Again one minute can be profound.

The basic goodness of the breathing, and the softness of the out-breath.

Simple and good.

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