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Depths newsletter theme march 2012

~ Depths

I loved when Papaji (Poonjaji) talked about depth.

He used to say that a human being can go deep. And that in itself is good to remember--just to connect within to whatever feels deepest, whether we are in a grocery store, a garden, a conversation or a meditation.

Then Papaji would say that a human being can go deeper. That is also good to remember. No matter what is going on, we can always go deeper. We are human beings. Even fear, boredom, or rage can be a pathway to more depth, as can appreciation, a gap between thoughts, or openness.

But then Papaji said, as have many other wise ones, that we can go so deep that it is impossible to talk about deeper or less deep. We have given ourselves joyfully to the depths and do not care which way is up anymore.

Some ways to play with this theme this month-- ~Going deep and deeper, maybe with the help of the lower belly or feet. Then giving in. ~Let our relating come less from the head and the conditioned, emotional heart, and more from the mysterious lower belly. ~Hold our fingers! In Jin Shin Jyutsu, human beings have many depths, including 5 we can harmonize by holding our fingers: the thumb for worry, the index finger for fear, the middle finger for anger, the ring finger for sadness, and the little finger for pretense and trying too hard. ~What is depth? How do we know we are deep? What is the difference between deep, high, and wide? Is deeper always better?

Have fun diving into the depths, with no reason to hold back.



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