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Space and Intimacy newsletter theme june 2012

~ Space and Intimacy

When a tree has enough space, it can thrive. In isolation, it might suffer drought, or it might not receive the cross-pollination its flowers need to fruit.

We also know the quality healthy space gives us and our complex communities.

What helps us feel, feed and feed on the thriving space of intimacy and independence, even with our closest relations--humans, nature, this body, this mind, this consciousness?

The Tibetan tradition has a kind of joke/teaching that the true nature of our mind has "4 faults"--one is that it is too close.

What helps us come in close with different eyes, different faculties to meet what is "too close" to notice in our normal consciousness? What kind of space brings us close?

Along with this theme, I would like to suggest we also explore sound as an aid to experiencing spatial relations differently. Open to sound as a way to connect. Listen to normal, everyday sounds with intimacy and space. What quality comes available?



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