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~ Getting Lost

When I was about 18, my college roommate and I won a trip to Bermuda for spring break.

I danced the 24-hour marathon, and she, the youngest sister of ten, got the sponsors. Where we stayed was not a fancy place, but Peter (or Paul?) from "Peter, Paul and Mary" was in the next room.

My favorite memory--better than the day cruise in a grey drizzle or the disco with bubble lights--is going jogging and deliberately getting lost.

The grey sky (maybe spring break is not the best time to visit sunny Bermuda!) doubled the colors of the fields, the scrambled flowers and the laundry strung on lines.

Getting lost on purpose means being glad to see the unseen, to see things inside out; it means taking the risk--like actually using the high school French or Spanish, actually pronouncing those weird sounds out loud. We can sometimes go into unknown territory, and also rediscover what we thought we knew from a fresh angle.



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