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Cellular Change newsletter theme april 2013

~ Cellular Change

In a video of human cells at the beginning of life--even before the cells are called "embryo"--nothing changes for what seems a long time. A day passes and a night. The tiny cellular world brims and shimmers with aliveness. But the shape stays the same.

Then suddenly, spectacularly, the cells divide. In the same way, in our subtle inner world and in our relationships and everywhere in our lives, much of the time not much seems to happen. If we don't tune into the brimming, humming aliveness of our lives, then we can think that not much is happening.

Sometimes we get so frustrated that "nothing is happening," we try to make something happen. We simulate the quantum leap, but we can't fake the simplicity, honesty, and totality of genuine change.

Other times we hold onto the past shape in our mind, but the change has already happened.

Can we stay tuned to the hum of aliveness with enough steadiness and lightness to enjoy the nothing-happening and the sudden shifts, without unnecessary drama?

Open Dharma has recently gone through a major shape-shift. In October, Ajay announced he would no longer teach on retreats, with Open Dharma or elsewhere. In March, Ajay, Gemma, and I made an official "cell division." Open Dharma and Ajay are now independent of each other.

Thanks to all of you for allowing and being part of all this humming and shifting over the years.

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