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twitter march 2014

uncompromising reconciliation https://soundcloud.com/snapjudgment/mother-of-many?in=snapjudgment/sets/dear-mama#t=0:04

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right before my eyes

the apricot tree is giving birth

to snow

not just for an hour

but weeks of


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the power of listening and hearing peace... birdsong and surf decreasing crime? http://www.npr.org/2014/03/07/283464243/how-can-we-all-listen-better

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You can chew gum, wash up and listen to the radio at the same time, and still be aware. ~ Ajahn Sumedho http://zenquotes.org/ajahn-sumedho-q

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this afternoon

the rosemary

is on fire

violet white light

of springtime

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Whose wedding was that?

And whose party is this?

Whose honeymoon?

And how did I get invited?

The whole valley is full of almond petals.

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pear buds like candles

constellations emerge on the quince

against a blue cloud wall in the north

an eagle beak comes to a point of light

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In our shattered dream / we see the way to a new beginning. ~ Christopher Titmuss http://www.insightmeditation.org/index.php/welcome/eng/poe

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10,000 things...no, we can smell a minimum of a trillion distinct smells...http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/03/20/291954994/never-mind-eyesight-your-nose-knows-much-more#dharma #mindfulness


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