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twitter oct 2014

Our fear# of uncertainty, fear of groundlessness#, fear of the source of all suffering#. Pema Chodron# on Trungpa Rinpoche#

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Zen Moments @Zen_Moments ·

If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself. ~ Albert Einstein …

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Greg Burdulis asked, What is important? and said yes to life. Can he help execs find yes; will it help if they do? …

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Papaji used to say, Do you want to be more like the baby monkey who has to grip its mom, or a kitten, whose mother carries it in her mouth?

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Spacious to meet anger# also at work Feel for basic goodness, stay true, and celebrate … by @kcifeanyi @FastCompany

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Love words#

What kind do you like?

Spiky, rich, velvety, transparent?

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laughter#, presence#, and physical synchrony in human chemistry--@DanielGoleman article/20141016181050-117825785-the-chemistry-of-connection

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