• Jaya Julienne Ashmore

The mind that comes to rest is tended In some ways that it cannot intend

Wendell Berry's words give us an understanding of why it is so hard to describe meditation ... "The mind that comes to rest is tended In some ways that it cannot intend Is born, preserved, and comprehended By what it cannot comprehend."

~ Wendell Berry, from 1979 in This Day The naturalness of deep rest meditation the deeper nature of resting.

The resonance of generosity...the sheer ongoingness that giving is and does... Wendell Berry giving into his poems, along with all those and that which support him in that giving... My co-teacher Bryan Tucker reading a Berry poem on the 1st retreat we taught together in Rishikesh in 2000--"The Peace of Wild Things," a poem I vaguely remembered from school, and which I was delighted to link with the world of retreats... My family placing Berry's Sabbath Poems on the bedside table on a visit to the US... My gifting This Day, the updated version of the same sabbath book, to Christopher Titmuss on our shared birthday several years ago... And now Christopher sharing dozens of his favorite passages on his blog:


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