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Out of nowhere, yes

All night I could not sleep because of the moonlight on my bed. I kept on hearing a voice calling: Out of Nowhere, Nothing answered "yes." ~attributed to the poetess Zi Ye sometime between 6th-3rd century BCE (transl. Arthur Waley)

I will be offering a 2-year online Dharma program, starting in late April of this year--2019-2021. We will allow the teachings to emerge from the field of our practice, commitment, friendliness, and silence. Participants will take initiative, listen, practice movement, leave space, share, meditate--connect to life in whatever ways help each one of us. One main guiding principle will be the practice of "dialog"-- David Bohm described what happens when a group of people begin to be less defensive, less interested in "expressing fixed positions." A "different kind of mind" begins to emerge, and we find clarity and kindness sprouting as if from nowhere.

Applications will be accepted soon.

Or please email shahar(AT)

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