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74 meditations, 74 steps on a journey

Thank you for your practice and thank you for walking your path with honesty and kindness. May we meet again soon. After gathering daily for half an hour of meditation 74 times, from March 16th til today, May 28, this is what you wrote:

Jody Thank you for this lovely group xxx

ASP and Ellen thank you so much. I have loved this time together!

Tomer Orenshtein thanks for all you are doing

Kellie Anna Faye Berns love you so much. grateful beyond word. hoping this happens more often. this is true love

Sarah Stewart thank you for the refreshment of this virtual community, in such a time as this!

Tanja Thank you Thank you Thank you! <3

Ruth my heart is full. thank you x

Yesim Thank you so much Jaya

Andrea Clay Thank you so much I have really enjoyed this especially this week and I wish it was going on more! I really got some relief from the anxiety I have been feeling lately and it meant a lot to be with a big group practicing together

Kirsi I have hard time finding an accurate word but I have found these meditations and encounters so precious <3 thank you <3

Jules all connected

Jaime remembering the sanctuary of practicing together and loving what’s underneath

Emma Philander rainbow colours xx

Diep nourishment

255-159-933 so nice to share this precious moment with you all.. i'll be missing it and at the same time will remember it with much gratitude

Sarah Stewart equanimity

SS Words like connection, rest, rhythm, anchor, hold, special... come up

Reija Very grateful, this has completely redefined this exceptional time to be something precious. Thank you so much.

Yesim I discovered the beauty of having a routine. Sitting down everyday with myself has been so nourishing.

SS So beautiful to hear from everyone. Thank you Jayaji and all for this time

255-159-933 so nice to be part of this community of practice

Andrea Clay I am very new to trying this as a way to get some distance from my anxious mind and this has been really helpful to doing that so thank you very much, and I will do what you suggest and keep looking for ways to keep practicing

Annetta I have become very aware of the tension between resting and listening deeply and the desire to be active and communicating in this world. And often it feels like contradictory movements. Like I need to move from one to the other. I so much appreciated these meditations and it also feels good to go back to my own routine in my own time frame for a while now. Thank you Jaya. I learned a lot from your way of expressing subtle movements of awareness in precise language. Hugs

Janny thank you so much, also from Johanna, Janny

255-159-933 thank you... again and be well

julia s Thank you Jayaji. See you again at some point. X julia

Annette Valentin Thank you Jayaji. Your online offerings have been a real life-line, and helped me transform this time of lockdown into a deep and meaningful time. Thank you so so much!

shai shapir thank u so much!

Bradley-Bull, Steven M Thank you so much, Jaya...thank you so much, Shahar!!!!

Andrew Thank you jayaji

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