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...and Living

Wrote a poem today, thank you, world. Even this incessant wind, that throws flower pots across my yard

tastes of freedom, and wholeness,

is beautiful, and

with me.

Mesmerized, and living

The patient hand

of the wind

caresses the

long back

of the grass

again and again.

Living as an art of enjoying the melting of ideas that seemed to get between us and them, human living and the rest of the living--and even between the "living" and the no longer. Some inspiration and tastes of the liveliness along borders, or meeting lines... a lovely project on treasuring and tending some words from the Irish language and life on and near the sea. Thank you, Taraji O'Leary for sharing the link. The animated watercolor-collage shorts are delicious. "The Irish language reflects a deep relationship between humans and the natural world, a sensibility shared with many Indigenous languages—from those belonging to First Nations of British Columbia, to the Ainu of Japan. Irish largely does not demarcate between the human world and nature, nor between this world and the next."

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Karina Dahlum
Karina Dahlum
21 mars 2021

today I gathered broken pieces of pots from my balcony that have been broken by strong winds here as well, with a feeling of no problem and a smile while doing this.

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That's really cool that you can respond to a blog post! Thank you so much for finding this feature...I didn't know it existed. And how lovely to hear from we both go through daily living among the forces at play.

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