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Some questions that come up + Upcoming events

~What is important? ~How are you doing? ~What are you doing these days that is new, whether because of the outer circumstances, or for any other reason? ~What are you learning? ~What are you making at home? (If you, for example, found yourself thinking, Hmm, I need such and such a thing, and cannot go out and buy it,...and then later thought of a way of making it..) What is your deepest wish, your north-star pull? What do you really want? What is asked of us? of you? What do we really want for the world? What's protective in a good way? What's defensive in an unhelpful way? ~Who's in charge? ~What's in charge? ~What is your thick programming that is more noticeable today? ~What helps you feel the gift within you? ~What's your halleluja? ~How does your ability to receive (to receive love, to receive the ground, to listen inwardly or outwardly) call forth goodness? ~What's it like tuning in from a distance to people you care about? ~What's it like living with people or alone these days? What comes up? ~What helps you feel connected to a full sense of calling or purpose --without any fear or urgency? ~What does it feel like in your body when you feel care for the common good? ~What do you find yourself doing these days that you wish to continue “when this is all over?” ~What are the ways you feel as if you've “been training for this” for a long time? What were the training grounds and practices, and what does it help you be and feel more prepared for? When do you feel a sense of beauty in the world, even though there is much that is difficult? What helps you notice beauty? What does a sense of "us" feel in the body? Thanks for listening to these questions. Thanks for your presence in the world, and your practice.

with love, Jaya


Saturday, April 4

a day of deep rest meditation Offered on Dana, a Sanskrit word translated as generosity.

Daily meditation with Jaya

at 5pm-5.30pm Spanish time - open to all Now we have the same link for each day.

All our daily offerings for this period of confinement for some,

and increased workload for others, uncertainty for all:

Press here for the Daily and open to all: Meditation, movement, yoga, self massage, breath.

Next meditation month course

April 15 to May 15 Join live or listen to recordings.

Enrich, lighten up, ground, start or just enjoy your meditation practice.

Live meditations 8 times in a month.

Enjoy one or all of the live sessions and recordings--whatever fits your lifestyle.

Dharma gathering April 25, 8pm-9.30pm Spanish time.

90 minutes of Dharma. Every month.

Half an hour each of meditation through deep rest, Dharma talk, and inquiry. Live. Recording also available for the month following. Together towards awakening.

For registration:

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