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Two permeable poems

A poem by Susan Crozier... drawn from sharings in my "Out of Nowhere" online program...and a recent Dharma talk on an online retreat where I offered this poem by Kobayashi Issa (Transl. Jane Hirshfield): On a branch floating downriver a cricket, singing.

(Photo by my dear friend Kumari Ellis in Australia.) 1 April 2020 By Susan Crozier

Cricket – branch - singing What we’ve all been

practicing for

and the sweetness field where we feel the havoc

so permeable

more skin needed a chance to see the map of the heart

tenderness - warmth relief - sigh

body happiness

tiny directions labour strength dropping time tricks noticing - recovering

sneaky branch singing river safety flowing

latch alarm unlatches carried momentum

space ground space river

sneaky trick feel space time “more tricky than the trick”

“more friendly than that friend”

gentleness flood softness wave

momentum turning lay down

shimmering turning unlatching

sweetness noticing white faced herons

noticing bright yellow

legs sweet triggers freak out zip wall

love gifts soft electricity

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