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A Note from Jaya newsletter may 2010

A Note from Jaya

Gemmaji and her mother went to check on Dharmaloca last week, and the fox (is it the same one still?) pranced around the arriving car as if in greeting. (Gemmaji's mother then said, Let's hurry and get back to the city soon!)

The irises are finished, the solar panels are still working, the grass—after all the rain and snow of the past winter—is high and lush. Everything still standing.

We will settle in, with the first retreatant of the season, on the 11th of May, and then we will enjoy the luxury of an entire month there, to harvest the garlic Gyan helped me plant last fall, to start tomatoes and pumpkins for the rush in August.

To cut and compost all that grass.

To seep back into the host of the cliffs, the birdsong and swoop, bent tree, yellow clay heart of things.

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