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Slinky September,the month of wild walking newsletter theme september 2011

Slinky September, the month of Wild Walking.

On our retreats, we explore walking as well as lying down, sitting, eating, sleeping, listening, being alive.

I encourage us all to uncover our "wild walk," the walk that comes from deep connection, from having time, from having permission to participate in this beloved life fully.

When we allow our bodies to move by themselves--instead of directing the body from the head--we find a silky, sinuous, deep, and powerful kind of movement. It often feels "illegal." So sensual that we may wish to walk where no one is watching. The feeling is like a wild leopard--juicily relaxed and full of power at the same time.

As we walk, sometimes the colors become more vivid, and the sounds more delicate and particular and round.

Each movement in walking has a different energy or "atmosphere"--lifting a foot feels different from putting a foot down. The left foot feels different from the right. Aah. We can let ourselves get absorbed in this intimacy with surprise and openness and subtlety.

We can walk into a wildly different, wildly open, wildly surprising world.

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