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Irreversible newsletter theme july 2012

~ Irreversible We like to keep our options open. Having options is nearly synonymous with wealth these days. So it can take decades of practice to feel the ripe moment for radical changes, for leaving options behind, for irreversible gestures. To feel into our human power of awake, unhesitant living. Not that we can decide and plan this living, not that we are orchestrating grand, dramatic endings. But we can agree fully with the mystery of life's irreversible flow. Call it creativity or destruction, as you like: to bite a pear, to write a word on a blank piece of paper, to prune a tree, to mix the flour and eggs and milk together irreversibly in the direction of muffins. To say a word, to stay true to a silence. To meet now this sound fully, this sound that is now gone completely, forever. Daily living includes countless moments of no return--who needs an adrenaline rush from anywhere else? Staying tuned to the living edge, and to the love that bubbles up from nowhere when we meet life this way. There is a ruthlessness to the love. A juiciness to the edge. An answer to the call: gone, gone, gone beyond, to awake, to another dimension, another way of living this immeasurable life: alive with love.



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