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Soul Moments nesletter theme december 2012

~ Soul Moments

What is it like when, during the course of a day or a night, we happen to feel our deep ineradicable sweetness as human beings?

A teacher known as "the Mother" of Auroville made the striking statement that most people only consciously experience their souls once or at most a few times in their lives. We can guess towards what she means...she obviously speaks of a soul that is easily ignored when our lives obey habit and biology. Beyond the personal and collective habits of insecurity, over-confidence, competition, conformity, rebellion; behind the tugging undercurrents of survival, proliferation, show, out-turned attention…beyond all that, a breeze. Something, boundary-less, uncontrolled but unaggressive. Not me as I normally act, but not unfamiliar.

It could take many years to learn what the Mother meant by soul. Let's just open to the moments where uncontrived sweetness comes through. Get to know that quality, drink it up, let it spread, trust in it.

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