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twitter dec 2014

Origins# of sleep# in a sea larva?

JayaJulienne Ashmore @jayajulienne ·

Motivated# by independence#, purpose#, doing what we love...better than by reward# or punishment.

JayaJulienne Ashmore @jayajulienne ·

"Underwhelming intro" like most of the most important things in life Coltrane#'s sax in A Love Supreme

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Zen Moments @Zen_Moments ·

If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it? ~ Dogen Zenji

JayaJulienne Ashmore @jayajulienne ·

"Do u cry?" Not just angry, not just running away...released from full dress of assumptions, what is your experience?

JayaJulienne Ashmore @jayajulienne ·

The newly mindful Anderson Cooper


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