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"You have sacred outlook."

Trungpa! (VCTR = Vidhyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Ringpoche, below...)

(painting by Jaya)

RK: Where does the sense of enlightenment or sacredness come from? Is it sacred because it comes out of the ultimate alaya?

VCTR: You could say that. Ultimate alaya at least holds the potentialities of the whole thing. We could say that samsara came out of some kind of freedom. That is the basic logic of why anyone can attain enlightenment. RK: In meditation, is our approach to identify with the ultimate alaya? VCTR: New practitioners try to meditate with the self-aware, self-luminous aspect. ... JR: Does this relate to “First thought, best thought”? VCTR: Yes, very much so.

... VCTR: That is the level where you can actually transcend karmic force. Once you slowly go downward toward the luminous mind, you are bound by karma. So you are helpless in some sense; you have been forced. That is where the seventh consciousness comes from. ... You have to retreat back to the origin.

This is from the context of a translation meeting:

"The character and style of translation meetings with the Vidyadhara were often fairly straightforward and businesslike. There was a job at hand, translating a dharma text, usually from Tibetan into English. So we all followed our teacher’s lead and generally stayed on task, unless of course he leaned out into the wind a bit, which sometimes resulted in a gem of a conversation like the following."

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