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Dharma evening 17 Nov (this weekend!) & Meditating together 1-20 December

"Freedom" Saturday, 17 November, online--this weekend! 5:30-7 pm Spanish time Half an hour each of meditation, Dharma teachings, and dialog and inquiry. Have fun with meditation, silence, community, and the inner power that shakes us free from a pervasive sense of trouble and not-enoughness. Discovering the well of goodness in us, that comes forth not from demand and stress, but through enjoying a love of life and radical honesty. Email shahar@opendharma.org --with "17 November" in the subject line--for the link to the meeting, offered completely on a donation basis. https://www.facebook.com/events/289221585053740/

Please feel free to share on facebook, with anyone you think may benefit.

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"Art of Dharma" 1-20 December, online ~twice a week (exact schedule below) ~meditating together for about 45 minutes

~with 15 minutes for questions and sharing

Join live, listen to the recordings, or do both.

Join the online forum, or simply receive links to the live meetings or recordings.

Many participants report: "It feels like a retreat."

Apply here: https://form.jotform.us/72048609552156

Schedule of meditation times (all in Spanish time) Saturday 1st - 11.30am Wednesday 5th - 9.30am Sunday 9th - 8pm Wednesday 12th - 8pm Sunday 16th - 7.30pm Wednesday 20th - 9.30am

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May our practice and our lives be dedicated to the momentum of awakening for all,

including ourselves.

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