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Dying is safe

Kathleen Dowling Singh: ~Dying is safe.

~Our fear of death is grounded in a strong sense of the 'I'" ...a transformation from perceived tragedy to experienced grace. I realized that what I had been witnessing in the process of dying was grace, all around, shimmering and penetrating.

I became aware that all of the observed qualities of the Nearing Death Experience point to the fact that there is profound psychoalchemy occurring here, a passage to deeper being.

There appears to be a universal, sequential progression into deeper, subtler, and more enveloping dimensions of awareness, identity, and being as we begin to die—a movement from the periphery into the Center. ...the same psychoalchemy—in a greatly accelerated mode—that I had noticed in myself through two and a half decades of practicing contemplative disciplines ..."

(Photo of a dead cypress against a winter sky by Jaya.) [She details this sequence as relaxation, withdrawal, radiance, interiority, silence, sacredness, transcendence, knowing, intensity, and perfection.]

Kathleen Dowling Singh, The Grace in Dying: A Message of Hope, Comfort, and Spiritual Transformation (HarperOne: 2000), 14, 15.

Via Richard Rohr, and from there to my mom to me. Thank you.

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