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Dance tonight

Here is my birthday dance playlist. This just might be the beginning of a good tradition! Hania Cennerrazzo, a friend of almost 30 years now, and an elder sister on the path, used to make me collections of songs she called "World Walks"--that was way back, 15 or 20 years ago, in the age of CDs. Through Haniaji, I got to know some of my most beloved dance music, such as "Shackles" by "Mary, Mary." She generously created this 2020 birthday dance playlist from some of her delightful world music, and some of my all-time favorite dance songs, along with requests from friends around the world. Full of gratitude. Let's dance!

8-10 pm, Wednesday, April 22, we'll dance together, or you can dance on your own to the same music any time you want. You can play the music on your own sound system, or listen to (usually not great quality sound) through my laptop. (my time zone, in Catalonia)

I am really sorry that we are relying on the paid service of Spotify to share the music. I don't know another way of doing case you don't have spotify premium, you could get spotify for free, but then you will probably only listen be able to listen to the playlist on shuffle. I will also play the playlist in order through the microphone on my laptop, but typically the sound is not great. Maybe better than nothing...I will also post the links to the spotify playlist on the gotomeeting chat. You can also find it on spotify with this name: jayabdaydance by hania108

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