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What to cut, what to breathe, where to wander

A few new Gertrudes and an invitation to join the 3 meditation events I am offering in September... ~A month of 8 meditations on breath and aliveness. Come to one or all sessions. We will play with the breath, get to know the substance of it, the mind of it, and the whoosh towards freedom in it. 4 Mondays at 3 pm my time, and 3 Thursdays plus 1 Friday at my 9:30 am. Sign up here:

~A radically restful and playful "Unscheduled Retreat" September 19, 20, 21, and 22. (c) Jaya Julienne Ashmore, 2020.

~90 minutes of meditation, a Dharma talk and time for questions and inquiry on the theme of "Freedom," September 22, 9:30-11 am my time. Sign up directly here:

(c) Jaya Julienne Ashmore, 2020.

(c) Jaya Julienne Ashmore, 2020.

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