May our practice and our lives be dedicated to the momentum of awakening for all, including ourselves.
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Meditation through deep rest brings us in touch with life beyond imagination and ideology. Old burdens fall away, and we can fall into deep and simple “already awareness.” Our body-mind releases old experiences of power as contraction, trying hard, and dominance. We dare to step out of the pervasive sense of lack and problems.
We are then more free to fill with life, to let joy guide us, to be willing to grow up and meet life, and to discover a powerful care for the whole. 
With room for ease and challenge, one can give up trying to be a “good meditator,” and start discovering what we are, what life is, and what is possible.


The teachers offer experiments to help lean or melt the mind and body towards flow and clarity, and an underlying aliveness. Techniques can help us get started and then we launch into the playful and organic emergence of our own unique and alive path.


~Lying or sitting meditation seamlessly integrates with the Japanese healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

~Yoga, connected movement, and walking meditation complement stillness.

~Guided meditations, one-to-one meetings with teachers, and group teachings and dialogues enrich the silence.
Resting into our true nature we can be moved by the deep heart and intelligent body of a human being.

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~ About deep rest retreat ~

a participant comment:

"For me, lying down has been a revolution. 
I resisted it for some time until my body gave me no choice but to surrender to it. 
When the body is lying down, the whole system can relax.  When the whole system relaxes, something spacious and light can be accessed. 
I am often aware of a dropping feeling – as if dropping into other (deeper) levels of consciousness. 
It is when I am in deeper levels of consciousness that I am able to see what really matters in a situation and the heart feels more open."


~Beka, UK


Upcoming events 2019  

28 October ~ Online
Dharma Gathering
6:00-7:30 pm Spanish time
"Living Quality"

Leaving room for natural freedom to arise.
Meditation, talk and inquiry.

90 minutes.
On donation.

Recording available on request for the following month.

For the access code, email:

15 October-15 November

Meditating together
"Living Quality"
8 live meditations

~Join for 1, a few, or all of the meditations
~Join live or listen to recordings--or do both.
~About 45 minutes for meditation and
15 minutes for questions & dialog.
~Join in the online forum if you like, or simply receive the link to the live sessions or recordings or both directly by email.

Apply here:

Next meditation month:
15 November-15 December, 2019.

10-15  February, 2020
in the Arava desert, Israel
Meditation through deep rest.
Silent residential retreat.
More details soon.


Spring and early summer, 2020
Silent, residential deep rest retreats.
Details to be announced.

Info: manager(AT)


May 2019 - May 2021

2-year online Dharma program
with Jaya.
"Out of Nowhere"
This program has begun and registration is closed.

We will explore Dharma through meditation and dialog in the deepest sense.  Through embodiment, attunement, and deep rest meditation, we will allow teachings to emerge from our field of commitment and practice together.
Applications accepted by May 15.
Full details here.


What it's like to go on deep rest retreat

And that probably best expresses my own love of life: I repose in myself...

that part of myself, that deepest and richest part...

 ~Etty Hillesum, An Interrupted Life~