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Is there a gap between inner and outer change?

Is it self-indulgent to commit to so-called inner work? Is it avoidance if we devote ourselves to so-called outer work?

(Drawing by Jaya, Copyright Jaya Julienne Ashmore, 2019.)

I've been hearing these questions frequently in recent weeks. In the face of ecological turbulence, for example, where do we reach for our response? What do we do and from where do we find a real willingness to be here and meet our situation fully? I'd like to share and get real with these and other questions about us human beings here on the planet earth at this time. Please join me online in an international gathering to go into these important questions with sensitivity and heart--through dialog and in meditation. We will dive into the subject of "Work and play--inner and outer change in our times" during 2 online offerings: ~90-minute streaming Dharma gathering on Saturday 16 February (8-9:30 pm Spanish time, offered on donation) Email with "Gathering" in the subject line to join.

~Meditating together 18 Feb-16 March (twice a week live sessions; come to as many or as few as you like) Apply here: A few more questions to get started with: Can we ride the force of change towards awakening and the common good? Can we help change help us?

What if we leave room for play and then work, in that order, for a change? What if we leave room for rest and then creativity, in that order, for a change? What if we practice attuning to love first, and then find out what actions arise, what art, what calling calls us out of hiding?

Is it true and relevant to treat the inner and the outer as separate things?

("Serving at the Party." Drawing by Jaya, Copyright Jaya Julienne Ashmore, 2019.)

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