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And this is what you wanted to say to each other...

After a couple of months of daily quarantine meditations, we asked what was helpful and unhelpful. You also asked how to be in touch. So here are a few resources: Upcoming online events You can receive newsletters, follow my blogs, and tune into social media (though I am not a huge user). And, coming soon, we are creating a new way to stay more connected--with your path, with Jaya's teachings, and with each other--on Patreon. Hoping to launch soon. We also asked if there was anything anyone wanted to share with others in the meditations...

(Photo of a dialog group with Jaya on the "French yatra" in about 2003.) And this is what you wanted to say to each other... It's great to be connected to each other.

Just glad that so many keep showing up.

my thanks to all who are present.

great to know that we are a group in these times of solitude and confinement.

When I do join it’s really so wonderful to have this experience with all of you, to do what I love to do with others.

It is beautiful to see faces, also the names I look at attendee list sometimes and love there are regular names of people I don't know.

For me hearing other people and their experience sometimes help me with seeing my experience also. I find it comforting to hear others and also add to the perspective of stuff. I would just like to express my deep deep gratitude for everyone being present with their own I feel less isolated knowing that others are also riding the waves of life.

its was  touching  to see everyone and share the space.

It is good feeling to see people gathering and meditating together in my living room ...Even though it is "virtual reality I do not know anyone in person.

Being so grateful to be in this circle almost every makes me feel in a safe place.

I feel so very lucky to be with you all daily. Thank you. I did not realize my mediation family was so big and so alive.

Well, this evening group is a bit anonymous for me, and that’s ok. I liked the more intimate space, in the month long meditations. I missed it, the last month.

It is important for me to stop during the day when I feel I need it and meditate for a few minutes.

I find amazing depth in the people in this group, their questions, their sharing, their reflections. I am deeply grateful to get the chance to be part of such a group

I've loved knowing we collectively join and feel the potency we create together.

I'm Sallyanne living in London and teaching yoga in a playful, open, hopefully inviting & transformational way.

I have enjoyed knowing they were all there even though I don’t know most of them personally. I enjoyed seeing the faces of them at the end.

it is nice to start with the body part relaxation and then for me the breath awareness helps me dive in.

It's so helpful to be practicing with others.

I have been able to connect to my body in more subtle ways and this feels grounding. I have a deep sense of love and connection. Thank you for being there.

Thank you for being there and joining in holding this beautiful world wide space. It's made all the difference for me in this time of exception.

Thanks for making it real even though it online. I see it as a great opportunity to practice. I feel a connection and I wish to see you in a retreat somewhere one day, if possible.

Not in particular, apart from that it's really nice to have one :) I think it has overall worked well that the daily meditation sessions have been short and haven't included sharing in particular, or it has been optional, but maybe that could be nice every now and then, like a different kind of space and session combining that part too.

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